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Join Dr Ron Cherubino, co-host Tim Horton and the chiropractic and holistic health specialists of Cherubino Health Center, for an alternative medicine perspective on health and wellness.

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Oct 21, 2007

Juicing 101 -- The Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show -- Here are the basics of juicing plus a chance to win a free juice extractor.  Find out why canned and bottled juices simply don't have what it takes to measure up nutritionally. Dr. Ron also shares some of his favorite juice recipes for children and adults.

Infomercial or valuable information?  You be the judge!

Don't be fooled by Dr. Ron’s gentle approach and kind voice, he’s on the warpath!  He's looking for the sick and dying, the hopeless and suffering. He's armed with over 25 years of hands-on experience, proven natural health-care concepts and treatment methods that will be a Godsend to those in need.

Be forewarned this information is not for the faint of heart, close minded or worshipers of Western medicine.  It is a balanced approach which seeks to find natural answers to health and disease before resorting to drugs and surgery.

Dr. Ron Cherubino: "I'm done with trying to tread lightly around the American medical system.  It's broken.  This is clear from the number of people suffering from chronic "incurable" conditions.  It is mean-spirited and outrageous for our current medical system to maintain a closed mind to other systems of healing.  It's all about relieving human suffering, distress, despair and hopelessness.  My colleagues and I have worked extremely hard to maintain a world-class natural health-care clinic and are always looking for ways to provide people with information, services and products that will educate, empower, and serve them. If I see a person that's drowning I don't just tell them that I have an answer to their dilemma, rather, I give them a life jacket as well.  So the weak minded can continue to view what we do with suspicion while we continue to locate and attempt to rescue as many drowning people as possible.?

 Heart to Heart -- Dr. Ron Cherubino shares from his 25 years of clinical practice in Alternative Medicine and Nutritional Therapies.  He'll show you how to regain your health and take back control of your life. Whether you're looking for specific answers to health related problems, ways to take the mystery out of nutritional supplementation, or the secrets to a long and healthy life, we invite you to join us for an entertaining and informative hour each week on the Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show.

Thrust into hopelessness, despair and eventual total disability following an automobile accident at the age of 19, Ron Cherubino emerged as living proof of the value of natural health-care.  Read his story!

Dr. Ron Cherubino has gone on to become one of the nation's leaders in the natural health-care movement.  Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Physician, Educator, Pioneer, Clinician, Researcher and Advocate for the inclusion of alternative health care methods and techniques in the world medical system. Dr. Ron challenges each and every person to evaluate the current paradigm of medical science, pharmacology and traditional western medical procedures, with an intellectually honest and open mind.

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The Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show is an outreach of Cherubino Health Center and is sponsored in part by proceeds from CherubHealth Products.  The show is dedicated to the principles of hope, healing and health, for patients, their families, friends and loved ones, and for all those who have an interest in attaining and maintaining a high level of health.  Alternative and integrative medicine techniques, principles and procedures are explored in the hope that people in need will seek help at Cherubino Health Center and/or similar progressive health care establishments in this country and around the world.

The Ask Dr. Ron Radio Show broadcasts live from Boston Saturday morning.